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Respite Care - Let us take over for a bit.

What is Respite Care?

There is no doubt that caregiving is demanding, which is why we offer respite care, a temporary or regular arrangement to allow primary carers to breathe, recharge and focus on themselves, ready to return fresh and ensuring the time spent with loved ones is quality time. 


We provide continuity to whatever type of care you deliver.

Please note that:

  • If you are caring for someone recently discharged from hospital, you may be eligible for funded respite care through Involve Kent

  • The NHS also offers a comprehensive guide on respite care, which can be found here.

Amora Care assessor providing peace of mind to a client about to go on respite.
Woman enjoying her travels knowing her husband is being taken care of by Amora Care respite team.

Who is respite care for?

This service is for carers supporting loved ones with care at home. It can benefit you if your answer to any of the following questions is YES:

  • Do you provide full or part-time care to someone? 

  • Does he /she require assistance while you are away or on a break? 

  • Do you need a break from your responsibilities as a carer?

  • Do you want your loved one to remain in their home while you are away? 

How does respite care work?

During your free assessment, we will discuss the care needs of your loved one and how we can make the respite care transition as seamless as possible, enabling you to make the most of your break. 


1. Book your free assessment


2. Receive a bespoke plan with agreed times


3. Our lovely care professionals take over


4. Breathe, recharge and enjoy your break

Our App gives you updates about your loved one’s care, so you can travel confidently and worry-free!

Free Home Care Guide

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What next?

Now is the perfect time to schedule your free assessment. During this informal visit, a member of our team will come to your home, meet with you and your family, and begin creating a personalized care plan that will help you maintain your independence and live comfortably at home.

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