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Parkinson's Disease Care

What is Parkinson's Disease care at home?

Parkinson's disease impacts many, and one of your family members might be facing its challenges. Amora Care is dedicated to delivering specialized Parkinson's care at home, empowering individuals to maintain their independence.


Our compassionate professionals undergo tailored training, ensuring the highest level of support, and bringing peace of mind to everyone in the family.

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My husband is well looked after by kind and capable carers,plus back up from the helpful manager

Valerie, Tunbridge Wells

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Who is Parkinson's Disease care for?

Individuals at any stage of Parkinson's, whether in the early or advanced phases, diagnosed or not.

Professional support at home offers reassurance, emotional support, and familiarity to your loved one. Our range of visit types encompasses companionship to personal care, including assistance with medications.

How does Parkinson's Disease care work?

The benefits of receiving Parkinson's Disease care at home include:


No need to move into full time care


Builds confidence and self-esteem


Social interaction


Reduced frustration and strain on their family


Provides stimulating activities 


Specialised care from well trained professionals


Emotional support for the whole family


Families can follow their care using our App from anywhere

Free Home Care Guide

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What next?

Call us on 01892336842 or click the button below to book a free assessment and find out how we can support your loved one with Parkinson's Disease at home. 

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