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Post-discharge care. From Hospital to Home

What is post-discharge care?

Returning home after a period in the hospital can be very confusing. As excited about returning to a familiar and comforting environment as someone may be, they can also feel anxious and worried about coping at home.

Our post-discharge services put together a care plan for your loved one, focused on the early discharge days, and enable a smooth home transition while they recover. 

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Who is post-discharge care for?

Our post-discharge service supports anyone who is about to be discharged or who has recently been discharged. Our assistance includes:

  • Transportation

  • Ad-hoc visits

  • Live-in home care to ensure that all necessary steps are taken care of.

We understand the need for flexibility with post-discharge care and will accommodate changes in needs. We work with other professionals (GP, district nurse, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, etc.) to ensure that we are doing everything possible to facilitate recovery at home.

How does post-discharge care work?

At Amora Care, we aim to empower people to return to doing the things they love. During post-discharge recovery, we support clients with the following:


Risk assessing your house


Washing, dressing and personal care

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Laundry and housework duties


Mobility support around your home and garden


Nutrition assessment, meal planning and preparation


Collecting prescriptions


Follow a multidisciplinary care plan

Q: I'm told my loved one will be discharged imminently. What's your turnaround time?

A: We can usually do a free assessment in 24hr and get care visits started the next day. So as little as 48hr.

Q: I'm not sure how long my recovery will take. Will I be tied up on a long term contract?

A: No. We will accommodate your needs as they change and only need a week's notice to terminate the service.

Q: I might need someone with me full time for my first few days back at home. Can you help?

A: Yes. We offer live-in and night care for short periods of time. 

Post-discharge care FAQ:

What next?

You can book your free assessment now or fill out the form below to request a call back at a convenient time:

Thank you!

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