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Mother and daughter discussing home care options

Domiciliary Care Packages Built Around You

Companionship carer helping client

Whether helping around the house, accompanying you to an appointment, shopping or going for a walk, regular companion visits will improve your quality of life and mental health

Respite care at home

This is a temporary or regular service to support you while you take a break from caring for a loved one, giving you a much-needed breathing space to avoid burnout.

Complex home care at home

This service is aimed at those with long-term or chronic health conditions. We provide specialist support and work with other health professionals to ensure a high quality of life at home.

Dementia carer having cup of tea with client

From mild to advanced dementia stages, we can support your loved one at home with small teams of well-trained domiciliary care professionals providing reassurance and familiarity

Home carer delivering post-discharge care

We can support you with the transition from hospital to home after recent hospital discharge. We take care of transport, risk assessment, ongoing personal care at home, medication support, etc.

Live-in carer supporting client at home

Round-the-clock care from a dedicated care professional is an excellent solution for people with more complex needs. We also offer Night Care with both sleeping and awake services

Home carer delivering personal care

This service is best for people in recovery or who find it challenging to move around the house independently. We support you discreetly with tasks such as showering, dressing, etc.

Couples carer having cake with clients

A cost-effective solution for couples who can benefit from extra help. We can support you with personal care, companionship and help around the house

Palliative care at home

We understand how challenging it is to deal with a terminal illness; we provide specialist end-of-life domiciliary care so families can make the most of their time together.

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