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Sustainability and ESG Business of the Year (Runner-up!)

We pledged to plant 1000 trees to offset our carbon emissions.

Amora Care is leading the way in the sector when it comes to sustainability. We didn't want to just do the usual - recycling, choosing the right partners, etc. Instead, we looked at the thing in our business that produces the biggest carbon footprint and decided to do something about it! 

Over the course of a year, our care professionals will emit about 2.5t/CO2 each. Caring for people at home means this is inevitable, so this year we pledged to completely offset that. We calculated that we needed to plant 38 trees per care professional to achieve that, so we are planting over 1000 trees in the UK and abroad! 

We are also delighted to be a runner-up at the Kent Business Awards in the category of ESG and Sustainability Business of the Year.

Planting a Tree
Amora Care Winner at the Kent Business Awards
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Social responsibility starts in-house.

We have flipped the script at Amora Care. We want our care professionals to be proud of who they are and the amazing work they do, and to do that we need to start with paying them appropriately. 

That is why our salaries are ~20% higher than the industry average, including the highest mileage locally. We want our care professionals to be proud of the important work they do, and to be fully participating members of society. As an Accredited Living Wage provider, we welcome the extra scrutiny in this area which we see as an essential part of our social responsibility strategy. 

Other key parts of that strategy include partnerships with local charities including Age UK and the Hospice in the Weald, and local sponsorships.

What next?

Get in touch today to find out more about our initiatives and how we are leading the way in promoting sustainability in the sector. 

If you have a loved one who needs care at home from a team of motivated, socially and environmentally responsible care professionals - book a free assessment today. 

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