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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which areas do you cover?
    We cover roughly a 10-mile radius around Tunbridge Wells. Unlike many other providers, this includes most of the surrounding villages and rural areas.
  • What are your prices?
    Although we pay our carers well, providing them with attractive wages and the highest mileage and driving compensation in the sector, our rates are still highly competitive. Hourly rates begin at £33.95 per hour and vary slightly during evenings, weekends, and bank holidays.
  • My mum's dementia is advanced, can you still care for her at home?
    Yes. We have clients with anything from early (mild) to late-stage (severe) dementia. All our care professionals receive specific dementia training and have plenty of experience in this area. We tend to schedule more senior carers for late-stage dementia clients and work in small teams to provide familiarity and continuity.
  • Are your care professionals insured? Are they trained?
    Yes. Our carers have professional indemnity insurance that covers them while providing home care. They must also complete a comprehensive mandatory training program annually. This covers things like medication support, safeguarding, first-aid, etc. In addition to that, they also do elective training modules for things like stoma care, PEG feeding, oxygen administration, mental health, etc.
  • I'm unsure about having strangers in my house, what if I don't like the carers you sent?
    Getting this part right is super important to us. If you visit our team's page, you will be able to read the biographies of some of our carers. Typically, an Amora carer is a mature and local individual, carefully selected to establish rapport with our clients quickly and effortlessly. The questions we will ask during your free assessment will help us find a good match. Then, you'll be able to meet them before care starts to make sure you are comfortable and get on well with them. In the unlikely event the carer is not a good fit, we'll find someone else.
  • Will I get the same Care Professional? Can I meet them before?
    At Amora Care, you will be assigned a team of up to four carers, depending on your needs and the frequency of visits. If you need multiple visits every day, seven days a week, we may assign four carers to ensure your care is consistent and reliable. However, if you require fewer visits, say, two per week, you can have one primary carer with a secondary carer to cover for them when they are on holiday or sick. We make it our priority to introduce you to your primary carer before your care package begins.
  • How would I decide how many hours of support we need?
    While we aim to build rapport and a good relationship with our clients, we are conscious of costs and as such have made our care packages as flexible as can be! We will be very open during your free assessment and tell you whether we need more or LESS time to do what you require. We can also adjust the length of visits as needed once we start!
  • What happens if my needs change and I need a different type or frequency of support?
    As an independent care provider, we have the flexibility to make changes without being constrained by corporate franchise rules. This means that we can accommodate your needs with short notice and minimal bureaucracy. If you are not living with the person who is receiving care, you can have peace of mind knowing that our regular care reviews and experienced carers will be able to identify and adapt to any changes in their needs.
  • Will you make sure my dad is taking his medicine?
    Yes. We understand the importance of ensuring that your dad takes his medicine on time and in the correct dosage. Our team can assist with medicine administration by prompting and reminding him when it's time to take his medicine. We use electronic medicine administration records (eMAR) to ensure that all information is accurately recorded and saved in his care plan. You can easily access his care plan through the Amora App at any time.
  • Do you offer live-in care?
    Yes! Live-in care can be a wonderful alternative to a care home. Although the cost may not differ significantly, one key advantage is that your loved one can stay in their own home, where they are most familiar and comfortable.
  • How quickly can you put a care package together?
    Being an independent provider means we are nimble and don't overcomplicate things. It also means we are very agile and can start care packages at very short notice. We tend to always have spare capacity so if you need something quite urgently, give us a call on 01892 336842 and chances are we can put a package together for you in less than a week.
  • What options do I have to pay for the care?
    When it comes to paying for care, you have several options to consider, starting with a means test. If your capital (which includes savings and investments) exceeds £23,250, you will not be eligible for financial assistance and will have to pay privately for the care. Find out more here.
  • How can I book a free assessment?
    You can book a free assessment by phone on 01892 336842 or by filling out the form at
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