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Mother and daughter discussing home care options

Person-centred approach for all

Our person-centred approach includes our care professionals​

The "person-centred" approach is very well advocated and monitored in care.


However, that approach often starts and ends with the client, often leaving the caregiver feeling unsupported, underpaid and unvalued.

We take a completely different approach at Amora Care. We view our care professionals as individuals doing a vital job, and our job as an agency is to support and empower them to do that to the best of their ability. 

This is why we don't just go above and beyond for our clients; we do the same for our care professionals.

Carer going for a walk with disabled older woman
Image of a care professional at Amora Care

We offer better pay, training and opportunities​

We worked with one of the leading culture and HR disruptors to create the ideal employee value proposition, recruitment and retention strategy that resonates with our values and what we stand for. 

Our employee value proposition focuses on better pay, training, and career opportunities. 

Pay: we are an accredited living wage employer, and our pay is up to 25% higher than some franchises. Our care professionals get paid for travel time, mileage and downtime.

Training: All our training is free and accessible to all our team.

Opportunities: We provide funded NVQs and further education courses to our staff. 

What next?

Now is the perfect time to schedule your free assessment. During this informal visit, a member of our team will come to your home, meet with you and your family, and begin creating a personalized care plan that will help you maintain your independence and live comfortably at home.

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